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Come see me with Neena and Veena!! [19 Apr 2006|12:58am]
Zahra's Bellydance School is pleased to present belly dance and Indian superstars, Neena and Veena on April 22nd at the Betty Oliphant Theatre from 5:30-7pm. Along with Neena and Veena other local belly dance talent will be there including dancers from Arabesque, Habiba's and Noura's. We will also have soloists including Mayada, Cleopatra, Calista, Ayperi, Hasna, Trina and Ce'Nedra.

On April 23rd, Neena and Veena will be conducting a 4-hour workshop at the Embers Banquet Hall in Scarborough. They will be teaching "Bellytwins Belly dance" -- their technique, style, and they end it in a short choreography. Then the second half will be steps from their new videos including "Dances of India" - bhangra, bollywood, and Indian gypsy.

If you would like more information or would like to attend our show, please either call 905-426-5265 or go online to www.zahras.ca. If any of your cultural shows (Arabic or East Indian TV shows) would like to attend our event for media coverage, please contact me for complimentary tickets.

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[23 Mar 2006|10:49pm]
Ooops! It's been a while since posting here! Well lets seen what's new...

- I will begin teaching for Zahra's School of Belly Dance (www.zahras.ca) April 5th. Beginner one and beginner two on Wednesday nights starting at 7:45. Each class is one hour long. The location is: 44 Montgomery Road Memorial Pool & Health Club By Royal York Station. Let me know if you're interested!

- I will be dancing in Mayada's upcoming Rak 'N' Roll April 1st, "Funky Fusions"...It'll be a great night!!

"A show at the studio featuring a mix of professional and student bellydance soloists. Each show will have a special theme, this month is the Funky Fusions Edition of Rak 'n' Roll, so expect to see some fun, interesting, experimental pieces!

featuring: Treenah, Audra, Zenobia, Ce'Nedra, Ocean Fire, Leyla, Adianta, Celtic Combustion, Rosanna, & Mayada!

Saturday, April 1, 2006



flow fitness & movement studio, 219 St. Clair Ave. W. "

- Sisters of the Deep will be doing a performance and a workshop at Anime North

Anime North 2006, May 26-28
Toronto Congress Center, 650 Dixon Road
Doubletree International Plaza, 655 Dixon Road


Hmmm what else... Oh I am going to the Neena and Veena workshop!! Very exciting! (www.zarhas.ca) This will be their first workshop ever!! It should be a really great time!

I am going to Layeli Arabesque this week at the Gypsy Co-Op. It'll feature Mayada, one of my mentors, I keep saying I'll go to Layeli and never do... this time I will!!! I'm still kicking myself for the time I missed Rachel Brice there!! and then Aida Nour a few weeks later!

I've got a few other things coming up or pending. I'll keep you posted! And you can always just keep checking my site! www.cenedra.ca and go to 'Events'. Sephira al Maya and i have somthings up of sleeves, but I can't go into detail yet ;)

And remember; Dance like there's no one watching!
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[06 Mar 2006|10:47pm]
ok, so after I recovered from me NO BDSS TICKETS! ordeal, I must tell you about The Fabulous Aida Nour! She was here in TO lthis past weekend and she was amazing! The whole show was amaizing! It was put on by Arabesque Dance Company and Yasmina did a great job at getting that line up. I was especially moved by the Trisha Dancers from the states. It was a big beautiful group of about 20 woman of all ages, and one of them looked like she could have been my grand monther! But she was so wonderful! They were all in time, the all looked like they were having so much fun, you could feel the bond they had on stage. The Arabeque Dancers were wonderful as ever... I really enjoyed the ojpening piece where the had different birght coloured outfits and I loved the Kaleighi piece. And yes the cream de la cream was Aida Nour. She's so beuatiful and elegant and oozing with personality and *sigh* she just looks so comfotable and it looks easy on her, like it her natural way of walking down the street. Oh she was so nice. :)
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[06 Mar 2006|10:37pm]
BAAAAH@! BDSS Toronto show Is SOLD OUT!! and I didn't get my ticket!! I was waiting for a freind to get back to me on if she wanted to go or not and now it's too late! :( WAHHHHHHHHHHH
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[12 Feb 2006|01:41pm]
YAHOO! I got a ticket for the Rachel Brice show next sat.! i am sooo excited! I unfortunatly can not do the workshop as it is a five day intensive and you have to do all five days and well... I can't get the time off work :( Maybe next time. At least I get to go to the show! So excited!
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[12 Feb 2006|01:26am]
So, The Resteraunt in Hamilton is still under Renovations, however I've been hearing 2-3 weeks we'll be up!

I did a show last week at the flow fitness Rak 'N' Roll. It was an amazing night! The dancers were fantastic and the audience was really involved. I did an improvisation to a song by El Clon, and it was well recieved! If you want to see Photos go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/cenedra/ or www.flowfitness.ca for more photos and a little right up!

This show was themed "Classical Egyptian". It opened up with the fantastic troup Zephyr who introduced a new choreo. I've always loved these girls, they are well together. Next out was Christina D. Wow! She is an amazing dancer! Her moves are very well defined and mezmorizing. I was the lucky one to follow Christina, I can't really review my own peice, but I had a lot of fun doing it, the audience really enjoyed it and gave me a ton of energy back and everyone gave me positive feedback, so that's my review. After me was Wendy. Wendy is a beautiful woman who comes to us all the way from Ithica NY! And it was bad drving that day! Wendy opeined up with some great veil work and then went into an energetic drum solo. I'm pretty sure it was Mayana next, she did a great rendition of Ice Queen, full of energy and creativity! Chemange closed off the first set. Chemage is always captivating with her strong muscle bound moves and her big smile. She has great technic and clear moves!

Ok...so after intermission and some of us got some drinks in us, Valizan graced the stage! Now those of you who know Valizan are thinking "Valizan did Classical Egyptian!?!?" Valizan is a well known Tribal Dancer in TO and well... it was a surprise to see him on the bill! So his peice was creativly Eygptian, he displayed classical Egyptian emotions with - close to - Eygptian dance. :) It was absolutly halarious! I loved every second of it! Leyla had a tough act to follow, but she stole the audiences attention! Laura followed up with a gorgeous improve, Laura's fairly new to the TO scene, she had recently moved from Halifax, and boy can she dance! She had a really beautiful costume as well! Kathy in her new outfit wowed us all as she usually does. She started up with some veil work. Her peice was well put together and so clear, I love watching Kathy dance. And of course the show ended with Mayada! She did a dance to an instrumental Zeina and was amazing as always and also in a new to her costume! She's always so high energy and has such a great stage presence!

I can't wait for the next one April 1st "Funky Fusion". I have a really awsome choreo in store, so you'll have to come out and see it! I've also heard some rummors of some very interesting dances being planned...including a celtic fusion ;) I'll keep you posted in the details!
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[22 Jan 2006|04:16pm]
Well, that's settles it! I've finally opened up my own bellydance Live Journal! YAY!

So I suppose my first update is that Sephira Al Maya and I have an upcoming gig in Hamilton. I'm not exactly sure, when...or where for that matter! HAhahah! But there will be live musicians! A totally new renovated resteraunt/cafe/bar place with water pipes and the whole 9 yards! It does sound exciting! Apparently the owners of the resteraunt are going all out on this! They are making this place as authentically Eygptian as possible! I'll keep you posted on everything!
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